Phase 1 outreach and feedback helped identify a new alignment around downtown Burien and the Burien Transit Center.

We made a few other changes to improve pedestrian safety, ensure intersections are ADA accessible, and make buses faster with roadway pavement repairs, priority signals, and designated business access and transit (BAT) lanes. Other roadway improvements include lane reconfigurations to promote better traffic flow and safer vehicle speeds.

The Route 120 upgrade to RapidRide also means waiting areas will be larger at stations and the new H Line will make it easier to transfer between buses and other RapidRide lines at the Burien Transit Center.

What is a business access and transit (BAT) lane?

BAT lanes are outside lanes reserved for buses and right-turning vehicles only. They improve access to businesses and residences and save time for transit riders. BAT lanes also enhance the capacity of the remaining travel lanes by removing buses from general traffic.

Burien Route and Improvements
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Map of H Line bus route in Burien, including details of improvement areas. To request this information in alternative formats, call 206-477-3842 (TTY Relay: 711).

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Your input helped make these design decisions, and now we need your help with a few others. Existing bus stops that see the most use will be upgraded to RapidRide stations. Our amenity prioritization survey is now closed. Check back in early 2019 for a summary of what we learned.

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